Where is Lady Justice?

I ask this Question, Where is Lady Justice? I have been seeking her for seven years now, and I still haven’t found her.¬†In my continued search for her I find myself writing you asking if you would like to do an article/story or provide legal assistance on my plight and the great Injustice I have been served by the Harris County criminal justice system.

Today I am tipping you to a human interest of fraud and corruption. A story about the Texas criminal justice system. As you know, the Harris County (Houston),¬†Texas Prosecutor’s office and Police crime lab has been swamped by charges of fraud and corruption concerning its forensics, racism, etc. I bring even more to an already horrifying act of injustice that’s not only being served in Harris County, but throughout the State of Texas, which is that Visiting Senior or Special Judges are being allowed to sit on trials without having the authority to act, due to the fact many of them have never taken the oath’s that has been prescribed and required by the Texas Constitution. I am a victim of such act.

I am a Prisoner who tells one of the most amazing and horrifying stories of fraud, corruption and abuse in the Harris County Criminal Justice System you have ever heard. It’s shocking to the conscience and the American way. You are freely allowed to investigate and verify this story.

I was convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to thirty-seven (37) years in prison for what was actually an attempted suicide… On November 20, 1996 [my ex-girlfriend - Phyllis Rice] took off all her clothes, climbed into the third floor window of my home and jumped.
When police arrived she accused me of striking her in the face and head twice (2) times with a full (40) ounce bottle of beer, cutting her with a knife and throwing her off a third floor balcony. Nine (9) month’s later she testified before a jury that I had brutally beaten her in face and head with a full forty (40) ounce bottle of beer and my fist thirty-eight (38) times and threw her out a third floor window. PR was five foot two (5’2) inches, one hundred twenty (120) pounds At the time I was accused of this amazing and horrifying tale I was foot ten (5’10) inches, two hundred fifty (250) pounds. Her story changed at least ten (10) times leading to and during trial, bearing numerous inconsistencies.

I continue to search for justice after almost two decades, hoping and searching for all the help I can get to just be heard in the so-called justice system.

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