Hello, World!

Greetings to you Beautiful People!

I am not quite sure how I should introduce myself, for I understand the value of first impressions. I will start by saying that I sit here in a Texas prison, a place where one has to be able to get beyond the stigma before they can consider themselves a man.

My name is Daryl Davis, my date of birth is 9/1/1963. I am 5’10 and 240 Ibs. I have been incarcerated since 1996, yes! I have been behind these walls and iron bars since the age of 33.

I awake each day with strong aspirations of finding wonderful friends and penpals to communicate with and share my thoughts and, moreso, welcome yours.
Lost far away from the place one would call the real world or free world, I am full of hope that one day, I will walk free from behind these walls and iron bars. But for today I sit her in prison after being convicted for an offense I did not commit. I have thoughts that even in such a tragedy, life still has a lot to offer including a friendship with someone as special as you.

I would like to share my plight with you in hope you may have some words of encouragement or may have other suggestions that may assist me while I am on this journey. I am serving a 37 year sentence for the offense of aggravated assault. If you would like to learn more about this tragedy in my life, go to A Story of Innocence, Fraud and Corruption and Legal Documents.

I enjoy reading and writing, I have found positive interest in matters such as business, things like real estate, promotion, as in promoting events etc. My goal is when this journey is over for me, I intend to fulfill my dreams of becoming a business owner; I intend to take what someone meant for evil and turn it into a positive. I would love for you to allow me to share my thoughts and dreams with you and in return I will wholeheartedly welcome yours. We can open up and feel the joy of communicating and expressing ourselves to one another being penpals while building a beautiful lifelong friendship together. My heart is pure and full of joy, may I share some of it with you?

Thank you for your time and interest in what we can build together. Respectfully, Be Blessed. FOREVER FRIENDS!

You may write to me at:

Daryl Davis
Michael Unit
2654 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony, TX 75886

Still fighting for justice…

I have been chosen by fate to observe and experience the pain and heartache that the Harris county (Houston) and Texas Criminal Justice System provides when it is wholly corrupted and broken from top to bottom. Just imagine you were me. Imagine yourself sitting in a prison for something you didn’t do praying and hoping someone would here your plea and come alone to he you seek Lady Justice. That is what I have been doing daily for 15 years, praying and hoping someone would hear my plea and help me seek Lady Justice.

I can and will be able to prove all these things I have tipped too, with court documents and trial records on the great injustice that has been served.


Daryl Davis

Where is Lady Justice?

I ask this Question, Where is Lady Justice? I have been seeking her for seven years now, and I still haven’t found her. In my continued search for her I find myself writing you asking if you would like to do an article/story or provide legal assistance on my plight and the great Injustice I have been served by the Harris County criminal justice system.

Today I am tipping you to a human interest of fraud and corruption. A story about the Texas criminal justice system. As you know, the Harris County (Houston), Texas Prosecutor’s office and Police crime lab has been swamped by charges of fraud and corruption concerning its forensics, racism, etc. I bring even more to an already horrifying act of injustice that’s not only being served in Harris County, but throughout the State of Texas, which is that Visiting Senior or Special Judges are being allowed to sit on trials without having the authority to act, due to the fact many of them have never taken the oath’s that has been prescribed and required by the Texas Constitution. I am a victim of such act.

I am a Prisoner who tells one of the most amazing and horrifying stories of fraud, corruption and abuse in the Harris County Criminal Justice System you have ever heard. It’s shocking to the conscience and the American way. You are freely allowed to investigate and verify this story.

I was convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to thirty-seven (37) years in prison for what was actually an attempted suicide… On November 20, 1996 [my ex-girlfriend - Phyllis Rice] took off all her clothes, climbed into the third floor window of my home and jumped.
When police arrived she accused me of striking her in the face and head twice (2) times with a full (40) ounce bottle of beer, cutting her with a knife and throwing her off a third floor balcony. Nine (9) month’s later she testified before a jury that I had brutally beaten her in face and head with a full forty (40) ounce bottle of beer and my fist thirty-eight (38) times and threw her out a third floor window. PR was five foot two (5’2) inches, one hundred twenty (120) pounds At the time I was accused of this amazing and horrifying tale I was foot ten (5’10) inches, two hundred fifty (250) pounds. Her story changed at least ten (10) times leading to and during trial, bearing numerous inconsistencies.

I continue to search for justice after almost two decades, hoping and searching for all the help I can get to just be heard in the so-called justice system.

Is It a Crime to Be in America Today?

Greetings to you!

I pray you are doing wonderful and being blessed to the fullest.

Is it a crime to be black in America today? For me it has been for over a decade.

My name is Daryl Davis, I have been incarcerated in the Texas Prison System for over a decade for the offense of aggravated assault against a woman, Ms. PR, this assault never happened.

I was wrongly and unjustly convicted of this crime with a court appointed attorney, and by an over zealous and vindictive prosecutor who had knowledge I was innocent.

Seeking leqal assistance since I was falsely accused, and wrongly, and unjustly convicted, I have written thousands of people in America. Private Attorneys, Law Schools, Newspapers, and Radio Stations a like.

I have been told because I am a black man without any means for legal representation, I will not find anyone to take an interest in my plight; upon hearing such imagine the blow I felt, being in the United States of America.

People in the United States of America where they say racism is dead. don’t care if a black man is innocent or not, if I don’t have the means, I won’t have Justice, I’ll remain in prison and perish.

I am seeking assistance of someone who cares, I can prove my innocence if someone would take the time to interview me and investigate my plight.

Is their still an America society where racism dictates helping one another? Although I am a black man, I am not a beast or monster, nor am I being dishonest.

PR accused me Daryl Davis, who’s 5’10 and over 250lbs, of brutally and savagely beating her 38 times in her face and head with a full 40 oz beer bottle and my fist (a full 40 oz bottle weighs about 4 lbs). Ms. PR was 5 ’2 and 120 lbs at the time she accused me of this horrifying tale.

PR testified that at no time did she have any cuts, marks, scars, or scratches about her face or head and that she didn’t have any black eyes, no bloody nose, no split lips, and no split scalp.

The district attorney “NEVER” brought a medical doctor nor medical expert to testify on the states behalf as to whether PR had in fact been beaten as she claimed. My court appointed attorney “REFUSED” to bring a medical doctor or medical expert to testify on “MY BEHALF”. Had a medical doctor or medical expert been brought in to testify for either side the jury would have learned PR had “never” been beaten, and moreso, there wouldn’t have been a trial, there weren’t any pictures of an assault. There was two police officers to testify on behalf of the state:

The first officer James C. Nicola testified: “Well, we detemined that it didn’t appear that the woman had been cut with either the knife or the bottle that she said she had been struck with. So we decided that since it was apparent she hadn’t received any laceration or anything like that.”

The second officer Michael Ybanez testified: “I didn’t find anything consistent with what might have occured in the assault. I didn’t find any knife or bottle.”

In seeking justice, I have found myself against a stacked deck. I have even been denied access to the courts and no one wants to talk abcut this miscarriage of justice.

Again I will tell you, show you, and prove to you that I am an innocent man, if someone would hear and give me the opportunity to do so. I am well aware there are attorneys and law schools in society that takes cases pro bono and by me an innocent man in the United States of America, “why won’t any of them take mine?” Please don’t let the color of my skin be the reason that a human being can’t receive justice in the United States of America. The home of the free and the land of the brave.

I am praying someone will take an interest in my plight, coming to interview me and investigate it. I am willing to take a polygraph exam that would also prove my Innocence.

Thank you so much for your time and interest in this cause. May God Bless you.

Please feel free to contact me at the address below, all correspondence are welcomed.


Daryl Davis
Michael Unit
P.O.Box 4500
Tennessee Colony,TX 75886